(Book Review) The Elements of Content Strategy, 1st Edition


Review Published: March 31st, 2018.

From content strategist, author, and web innovation advocate Erin Kissane comes a comprehensive overview of the elements of content strategy.

From the orgins of content strategy, to its principles and implementation, this book serves as concise overview for both the history and process of this rapidly evolving field.


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(Promising Content, Presentation is Clear)


Moderate (Some knowledge of user research techniques is required).


91 pages.

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The Good

  • Comprehenisve overview of the field; as a pre-eminent member in the field of content strategy, Kissane has written a comprehesive overview of a subject that is sometimes difficult to precisely define.
  • The Why, The How, & The What; Kissane moves from the general to the specific very well, and creates a compelling narrative (especially for a book on web design) that invites the reader to keep reading.
  • Very approachable; the book is written in everyday language, with no heavy use of jargon or "insider" terminology.

The Bad

  • Lack of examples; while the process of building a content strategy is well outlined, no definitive examples of various content strategy techniques are given.

The Bottom Line

  • A solid introduction to content strategy; if you're curious about content strategy, and want to learn more about it, this is a solid introduction that doesn't overwhelm readers.
  • Treads on familiar territory for UX designers; since the research and methods for creating a content strategy have a lot in common with UX design, UX designers will feel some content is a bit repetitive but newcomers won't feel too intimidated.
  • Technical examples would make this near-perfect; although not a deal-breaker, a few examples of the actual mechanics behind the techniques discussed (i.e. what each type of content inventory looks like, how to build them, how to modify them for specific strategies, etc.) would put this book head-and-shoulders above the competition.
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