About Me

Current Passion Project:
Public Transit

Working to make public transit systems easier to use for travellers, and more profitable for local governments.

Currently Reading:
User-Story Mapping

An in-depth examination of how to co-ordinate Agile software development with a Lean UX design strategy.

Currently Writing:
Understanding Lean UX MVPs

Taking a look at the different types of MVPs in Lean UX, and how we can use them to create better digital products.

Real-World UX Experience

With my 5 years of UX design experience across small business, ecommerce, and public infrastructure, I also have 6 years experience in Content Strategy & Marketing. For those 11 years, I have worked with diverse teams of all sizes.

I enjoy finding effective solutions to complex problems, in both a leadership role or as a supporting player (because good leaders know when to follow, too).

Over $5 Million in Value

I love UX Design because it generates incredible results. By focusing on what serves users and the organization, we can identify opportunities for creating solutions that make a difference.

This generates positive returns by discovering value and increasing efficiencies, while minimizing waste by focusing efforts and avoiding costly mistakes.

Latest Media

I've been lucky enough to have a lot of very smart people graciously share their knowledge with me, and I feel that it's my job to pass that on. I regularly publish articles in several UX magazines, write reviews of UX resources, and share my experiences with the wider UX community.

You can view a full list of my Videos, Articles, & Reviews, or follow my work through social media on my Contact Page.