(Book Review) Design is a Job, 1st Edition


Review Published: July 16th, 2017

From passionate design advocate Mike Monteiro comes a practical guide to designing in the real world.

From successfully finding and screening clients, to presenting your work and receiving client feedback, this book delivers a real-world perspective and practical advice to working in design.


Four and a half out of five.What does this mean?

(Great Content, Presentation is Entertaining)


Easy (Straight-forward presentation, no industry jargon).


149 pages.

Where to Get It:

The Good

  • Insider perspective; this book comes from years of front-line experience with a myriad of different types of clients.
  • Practical advice; from client screening to working with a client's internal design team, this book shares insights on how to deal with real-world situations that aren't covered in traditional design schools.
  • Vital business guidance; advice is given primarily from the perspective of running your own freelance practice or agency, and includes vital information for finding the right clients for the way you work.

The Bad

  • Pricing for design services; while this is addressed in a general sense, some readers are going to be looking for definitive numbers, and you won't find them due to the nature of the design industry.

The Bottom Line

  • No-Nonsense approach; this book cuts through all of the bullshit and hesitancy that designers often have to deal with, and teaches you exactly how to deal with common difficult situations.
  • Passionate design experience; the content delivered with a real love of creating great design for worthwhile clients.
  • Unique content; you're not going to find a practical guide like this anywhere else, and it'll save you countless hours of heart-breaking trial and error.
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