(Book Review) Information Architecture for the World Wide Web, 3rd Edition


Review Published: March 17th, 2017

Note: While this review is for the 3rd edition of this book, "Where to Get It" links will lead to the updated 4th edition.

From information architect and usability experts Peter Morville and Louis Rosenfeld comes a comprehensive examination of how to plan and execute complex websites that are easy to use.

Starting with the basics of information architecture, progressing to methods of determining and implementing this structure, and ending with real-world examples, this is the definitive guide to organizing website content and features in an ever more complex world.


Four and a half out of five.What does this mean?

(Incredible Content, Presentation is Clear)


Moderate to Difficult (Basic understanding of web development is beneficial).


528 pages.

Where to Get It:

The Good

  • Very comprehensive; all methods of finding information on a website are covered in detail, and explained very thoroughly.
  • Accessible expert-level knowledge; while this book delves into some very advanced concepts, everything is introduced as simply and elegantly as possible.
  • Frequently updated editions; this is the 3rd edition of this title, with a 4th edition in circulation (I borrowed this one from a friend) the authors are heavily invested in refining their content as the field continues to develop.

The Bad

  • It's a heavy read; clocking in at over 500 pages this book can easily intimidate newcomers, but once read it will serve as a vital reference (so keep highlighters and note-taking tools handy).

The Bottom Line

  • This is a vital reference; this book is something that user-experience and web designers will go back to often, so the time invested in reading it is well worth it.
  • Vastly expands understanding of common web practices; by understanding the underlying principles and logic of commmon web practices, we can modify those practices as our field becomes more complex and demanding.
  • Industry standard, so read it; this book has been an industry standard text for decades, is regularly updated with the latest information to maintain that position, and is well worth your time and money.
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