(Book Review) Mobile Pattern Design Gallery, 2nd Edition


Review Published: September 18th, 2017.

From UX design expert and author, Theresa Neil, comes a comprehensive encyclopedia of design patterns for mobile apps.

Including examples of everything from navigation, forms, search, and much more, this is an exhaustively comprehensive reference for all things pertaining to user-interface (UI) design.


Four and a half out of five.What does this mean?

(Incredible Content Quality, Presentation is Clear)


Moderate (In-depth content with comprehensive presentation).


404 pages.

Where to Get It:

The Good

  • Great content; every major type of interaction for a mobile app is covered in a quickly accessible way.
  • Well explained; the current human-factors research in the field of user-interface (UI) design is all here to show why the various design patterns work.
  • Presents advantages & disadvantages of each element; no one design pattern works in every instance, so the author has spelled out which ones to use for specific objectives and what to watch out for.

The Bad

  • Due for an update; while this is undoubtedly THE reference for mobile app UI design, it would be nice to see an updated edition that explores the changes in this field (i.e. UI for wearables is an obvious one).

The Bottom Line

  • If you work with apps, you need this book; virtually every type of interaction needed in a mobile app is covered here, and this streamlines the learning process incredibly well.
  • A great value for the money; the amount of knowledge and expertise that went into showcasing and explaining the principles in this book is a steal for the price.
  • Essential reading; this book is well-organized, eaily accessible, and should be on your work desk.
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