(Online Course) Build a Powerful UX Portfolio


Review Published: December 1st, 2017.

From UX Design teacher and practitioner, Joe Natoli, comes a quick but comprehensive online course that shows you how to create an online portfolio that helps garner attention to your work.

The course begins by examining what most UX portfolios do wrong, how those mistakes create barriers to you getting the attention of recruiters, and the essential things you must include to get past these pitfalls.


Four and a half out of five.What does this mean?

(Great Content, Presentation is Entertaining)


Easy (Readily accessible by anyone).


4 hours (approx.).

Where to Get It:

The Good

  • The instructor is vastly experienced; the content quickly and effectively showcases how recruiters actually look for UX professionals (from Joe's own efforts to build UX teams), and what you need to show them in order to stand out from the crowd.
  • No-nonsense presentation; the material is presented simply, is easy to follow, and is split into digestible sections so that everyone can understand.
  • Great feedback; not only did a live review session come included at the end of the course, Joe does a great job of answering questions left on the online platform very quickly and thoroughly.

The Bad

  • No mention of networking; while strong job materials will get you in the door, having a strong network of contacts is essential for successfully finding a great job, and a brief section on how to do this would round out the course nicely.

The Bottom Line

  • A great value for the money; for $87 (at the time of reviewing) this is a great, low-cost resource to help people enter a thriving field.
  • The real deal; Joe's advice is spot on while being presented well, and with my only minor gripe being the lack of networking advice (which he may add at some later date), this course is essential for learning to showcase your work.
  • Continued support; each of the course offered is followed up by an invite to join Joe Natoli's Facebook group where you can ask more questions, share experiences, and ask for follow-up critiques.
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