(Online Course Review) User Experience Design Fundamentals


Review Published: July 1st, 2015.

Hosted on the Udemy online learning platform, this course is a broad examination of UX design and the theory behind it.

From initial strategy & scope all the way through visual design, this 10-hour course provides a detailed look at the principles that make great digital products.


Three and a half out of five.What does this mean?

(Promising Content, Presentation is Clear)


Easy (Broad approach to design strategy & implementation).


10 hours.

Where to Get It:

The Good

  • Great structure & organization; the course is broken up into bit-sized chunks that lay out each stage of UX design projects.
  • Experienced instructor; with nearly 3 decades of experience, Joe's comfort and skill with the subject matter clearly shows.
  • Additional resources; with more courses available on his own website and a healthy Facebook community, you can always find the next step to improving your UX design skills.

The Bad

  • Lack of practical application; while each stage and aspect of a successful UX design is touched upon, you're not explicitly shown the technqiues to accomplish it.
  • Subject matter can sometimes be vague; considering how much is covered in just 10 hours, this is to be expected, but can still intimidate newcomers at times.

The Bottom Line

  • Great for theory, not much application; while this course is very thorough giving you a ground in UX design theory, there is not much attention paid to the actual tasks needed to accomplish each stage of a project (check out my review of the "Springboard UX Design Course" for a great option).
  • Good value; for less than $100 (much less if you wait for a sale), this course will give you a valuable framework for understanding what goes into designing digital products (and why it matters).
  • Great foundation for application of UX techniques; I found that additional application-based resources were necessary afterward, but this course helped me to contextualize the overall UX design process very well.
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